#LikeNoOneElse - a collaboration between
else & Emine Gozde Sevim

Women in the order of appearance:
Nutsa Ugulava, Xin Ying, Fanny Ferrato, Francesca (Cici) Bracaglia, 
Nana Yaa Asare Boadu and Defne Aydintasbas.

Like No One Else is a creative reflection on women’s condition in the context of pivotal feminist moment of today. The work portrays six women from diverse backgrounds, embodying the complexity of contemporary female experiences.

Nuanced narratives revealed in the intimate portraits with photographs and video recordings bring forth multi-layered, dynamic condition of “becoming”, rather than fixed state of “being”, of the contemporary female identity for a timeless dialogue with the aim that every woman uniquely can be a part of.

While photographs mark the suspended moments of the women portrayed in front of the camera, the video work focuses on the brewing relationship between the gaze upon them and their own gaze upon their unique experiences revealed in conversation.

#LikeNoOneElse installation at Parasol Projects, 208 Bowery NYC - August 1st, 2018.


Nana Yaa Asare Boadu

“Why can’t we be as direct as men? What’s wrong with that? You can still be direct and be graceful about it where a man doesn’t feel like you are trying to be this or that. At the end of the day I feel like we’ve been completely brainwashed into thinking this is how women should be, this is how men should be, these are our roles. And now, that’s kind of being broken through. Because the “old establishment” isn’t used to this new way, they are putting these words of “bitchiness”, “oh she is this, oh she is that...”, and that’s their fear.”


Defne Aydintasbas

“My generation, we were taught to be tough and not expect much whereas the “MeToo” movement is all about expecting better and demanding better.”


Francesca Bracaglia

“As a child... it was sort of hard to figure out where I fit and where ever I tried to fit, I was just pretty much told that I didn’t fit the part enough.”


Fanny Ferrato

“I’ve always been around very strong women but also I would say strong men that encouraged the women and appreciated that. My father who supported my mother with her work, I think from a very young age showed me that you can kind of
do it all.”


Nutsa Ugulava

“Just the fact that we live in,..., a time that is changing, and it is more about women and empowerment, and me being 20, it helps being in that situation. It is helping shape me as a woman.”


Xin Ying

“...Before you don’t think this is something affecting you, so you just press it. You just say “it’s ok, I can handle this, it’s no big deal…”And the “MeToo” movement is a time for me of recognition. You realize it is not just something you should take in.”

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